CORONA-VIRUS Daily update|April 21, 2020

              Coronavirus spreads all over the world and infects thousands of people. It causes severe respiratory disorders and even death. The number of people infected due to coronavirus is increasing day by day. The percentage


Coronavirus spreads all over the world and infects thousands of people. It causes severe respiratory disorders and even death. The number of people infected due to coronavirus is increasing day by day. The percentage of cases that appeared due to COVID-19 has been increased in many countries of the world. Pakistan also infected due to coronavirus. The cases infected due to coronavirus has been increasing rapidly. 

Here, is a worldwide update of 21st  April,2020. 

Cases in United State of America USA: 

The number of cases infected due to coronavirus pandemic is increasing at an extremely high rate. The rate of deaths and infected cases in the USA are alarming. The increased rate of coronavirus pandemic in the USA is a big threat to their economy. 

The number of infected cases in the USA is 786,566 and the rate of people died from COVID-19 is42,201. While the percentage of recover persons are 71,770. 

Number of deaths in USA are increasing rapidly. 

Cases in UK: 

The cases and deaths in the UK due to novel coronavirus are high. There are 124,743 infected people while 16,509 deaths are reported in the UK on 21st  April, 2020.  

The recovered rate in UK is very slow as compared to other countries.  

Cases in France: 

The percentage of cases in France also going upward day by day. Infected cases in France are155,383 while the deaths are 20,265. Many of infected people in France got recovered. The number of persons recovered from Coronavirus pandemic are 37,409. 

Cases in China and Italy: 

China is the first country that is infected from this novel virus but the conditions in China are under control now. The total number of cases in china that are reported according to recent research is 82,747 and 4632 people have died. According to the recent report, the number of cases in Italy are 181,228 While 24,114 people are died due to this virus. The situation is getting the worst in Italy, Spain, and Iran. The average number of deaths in Italy per day is more than 500. 

Number of Cases in Iran and Spain: 

Iran and Spain have also many people who are coronavirus positive. 200210 people in Spain and 83,505 people in Iran are infected due to CO-VID 19. While the number of deaths in Spain and Iran is 20,8532 and 5209 respectively.  

The only protection against coronavirus is to stay at home and avoid social contact. 

Cases All Over the World: 

People infected due to coronavirus all over the world are 2,471,930 and the number of deaths are170,129.  

While 644.664 people are recovered from corona virus worldwide. 

Situation in Pakistan: 

The situation of cases that appeared due to the coronavirus is not good. There is a gradual increase in the patients who has reports that show they are corona virus-positive. 

Here is an overview of coronavirus cases and deaths in different cities of Pakistan. 

Total confirmed cases in Pakistan are 9219 

Sindh: 2767 


Khabur Pakhtunkhwa: 1276 

Baluchistan: 465 

Islamabad: 185 

Gilgit Baltistan:281 

AJK: 50 

Confirmed Deaths in Pakistan: 192 

KPK: 74 

Sindh: 61 

Baluchistan: 6 

Gilgit Baltistan: 03 

Punjab: 45 

Islamabad: 03 

The situation is getting worst in Pakistan day by day because the public is not willing to cooperate with the government. The government of Pakistan announced lockdown for the next 15 days. In these days, it is necessary for everyone to keep them clean, wash hands after regular intervals and use hand sanitizers. It is the duty of every citizen to respect the orders of the government and stay at home.  

The government of Pakistan is making all the efforts to minimize the coronavirus infections. Doctors, nurses and the paramedic staff struggling day and night to wipe out this curse from the nation.  

Noe, it is our responsibility to take all the preventive measures and keep ourselves healthy and safe. 

Preventive Measures: 

The preventive measures which are helpful against coronavirus are as follows: 

  • Stay at home 
  • Avoid all kinds of social gatherings 
  • Use a mask 
  • Apply hand sanitizer 
  • Wash your hands after regular intervals 
  • Do not touch your nose eyes and mouth. 
  • Eat healthy and properly 
  • Eat food which is rich in vitamin C. 
  • Eat fruits  
  • Keep yourself hydrated 

The most important step is to stay at home. Kindly stay at home for the sake of your health and health of your friends and family. Do not shake hands with anyone. Stay at home and stay safe. 

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