What is Smart body fitness?

  Smart Body Fitness  Body is a precious gift for human beings by God. Many people don’t care about their body fitness and don’t pay attention to it. People are usually busy with their work schedule

  Smart Body Fitness 

Body is a precious gift for human beings by God. Many people don’t care about their body fitness and don’t pay attention to it. People are usually busy with their work schedule and forget about fitness.  Smart body fitness is a new type of fitness process which helps us to stay fit smartly.

Many office workers and government Employes become obese after a short period of their job because they sit all the time on a chair and perform their tasks which consists of mental work. 

After few years, they become obese. Obese people cannot perform many tasks. Health issues can start due to lack of fitness and obesity. Body is gift of God; we should value it and take good care of it.  

What is Smart Body Fitness?? 

Smart body fitness can be described as the condition of physical fitness due to which the body remains active by smart methods of fitness.  

Smart body fitness refers to proper fitness and health routine. It provides an efficient plan to lose weight and to increase fitness of the body. 

Some Smart Strategies That Keeps Your Body Fit  

For the sake of fitness and a healthy body, you should consume some of your time on applying these fitness tactics. Health is wealth. If your health is awesome and your body is fit, you will be able to perform your tasks more efficiently. A healthy body bears a healthy mind. When you do workout for keeping yourself in shape, blood flows out through your brain and body thoroughly. It nourishes your brain and body cells.  

Eat low fat& carbs for Smart Fitness: 

Obese people have many health disorders. If someone wants to lose weight, they should eat foods low in carbs and fats, and have a balanced diet. Foods low in carbohydrates and fats are best for the people who want to lose weight. Low carbs foods give you brilliant health effects. 

Foods low in carbs gives you strength but don’t increase weight. 

Some easily available foods which are low in carbs are as follows: 


2.Egg  Green leafy vegetables 



4.Apple, blueberries, strawberries 

5.Nuts and seeds Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil 

6.Lean meats such as chicken breast 

Food low in fats: 

Eat low-fat foods when you are on a diet. Eating high-fat foods increases your body fat and your cholesterol level rises. Due to a rise in cholesterol level, your blood pressure increases causing hypertension. Due to this, the walls of your heart weaken. 

Eating low fat foods are healthy.  

Some low-fat foods are: 

Whole-grain foods such as oats, bread and pasta.

Coconut chips 

Homemade high energy balls 

Greek yogurt with berries. Toasted pumpkin seeds 

Low fat dairy products such as skimmed milk 

Fitness training: 

Train yourself physically on a daily basis. If the facility of the gym is not available to you then do some exercise at home.  

First, start with some light exercise. Do warm-up. Prepare your body for exercise.  

There are some ways of exercise devised by New York fitness expert.  

Fitness plays a great role in maintaining your routine. Every action has a reaction. If you want to lose weight, you have to bear the difficulties of training. Fitness training releases your muscle stress. Without any exercise, your body muscles become stiff and lactic acid accumulates in them. Exercise stimulates blood vessels in body muscles and blood flows more efficiently. 

Fitness training involves following training steps: 

1.Walk-out Push-ups. The Standard Squats. 

2.Pull up: For Back. 

3.Triceps dips: For Upper Arms. 

4.Side bridge: For Waist. 

5.The Single-leg Squat: For Hips. The Lunge: For thighs. 

Walk-Out Push-Ups: 

According to the fitness training institute in New York, this walk-out push-up move mainly targets multiple groups of muscles and body parts. It also regulates heart rate. 

Continue to start apart from hip-width distance with your feet. Slowly fold into the knees, reaching to the floor with your palms. When your hands hit the floor, you are in the push up starting position to move them forward until your spine is neutral. Move your hands down to your feet and roll up your spine slowly, one vertebra at a time, to return to the standing position.  

The Standard Squats: 

Standard squat exercise is best for legs. In squat exercise, your brain actively participates. In this move, you have to focus on the exact position of your legs and maintain the balance between them. 

This drill also generates an anabolic environment that promotes muscle building all across the body and enhances muscle mass. Squats, with all their variants, are a perfect body workout. 

In this drill, keep your chest high and back straight to involve glutes. In this way, your body will elongate fully during exercise. 

Pull ups; For Back: 

Pull-ups are a great exercise for your back. This exercise strengthens your back muscles and build them.  

This training technique aimed at latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles of the back, but due to the nature of the movement, other muscles such as the biceps and deltoids are also used in this exercise.  

To perform pullup completely, put your hands apart with your palms on the bar facing towards and away from yourself. 

Triceps-Dips; For Upper Arm: 

Arms consists of mainly two types of muscles. One is biceps and the second one is triceps. Whenever there is a conversation about arm muscles, people consider it for biceps only. But this concept is wrong. Triceps are the biggest muscle of your arm. Arm exercises mainly targets on triceps muscles.  

Triceps maintain the appearance of your whole arm. One of the best exercises for triceps is triceps dips. It can be easily applicable in the home with the help of a chair or step. 

It is the best way to build muscles of your upper arm and enhance their mass. 

Slide Bridge; For Waist: 

Slide bridge is an excellent exercise for the waist. It tightens the muscle of your waist and decreases the chances of lower back pain. Through this exercise, the muscle of your waist moves frequently and chances of any kind of pain also reduce. 

To perform this technique, lie down on exercise mat by your side in this way that all of your weight is on your arm. Put your body in a diagonal line that your upper leg is exactly above your lower leg. 

Now, lift the part of your hips upwards slowly. Your body is supported by the lower side of your legs and your arms. 

Then perform the same technique on the other side of your body. 

This exercise is also useful in strengthen your back and core muscles.  

The Single-Leg Squat; For Hips: 

According to the latest research at the University of San Diego, a single-leg squat is very effective for the Gluteus Medius; the muscles of hips. 

To perform this exercise, stretch both of your arms in front of you, stand on one leg and extend the other leg towards the front slightly. Now, bend your standing leg and perform squat as far as you can and keep the raised leg away from the ground. 

This exercise is slightly difficult and requires proper practice to attain complete coordination. 

Single leg squat has many plus points: 

1.it increases Flexibility. Improves Balance. 

2.Build Leg Strength. 

3.The lunge; For Thighs: 

The lunge is an exercise used for tightens the muscle of thighs and keep them in shape. The lunge is an easy exercise that you can do it anywhere. Also, it is the best technique to start work out. 

The lunge is a kind of exercise that works for increasing core strength and also generates stability in a large number of muscles. The lunge exercise is also very effective in improving your thighs. It is necessary to use the exact trick of lunge during this exercise to reduce the risk of injury. 

Weights can be added to this technique as soon as the correct lunge technique is used to make further processes in the exercise. 

Exercise and fitness trainings are very useful in maintaining our physical health. They keep us healthy and refreshing. By doing exercises for each part of your body, you can improve your muscular strength. Perform exercise of each and every part of the body, rather than focusing on a single one.  

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