Do Face Mask Work? How do you Wear one?

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading at a very high rate all over the world. It is spreading threat among people. Coronavirus can cause serious respiratory disorders in people and can become the cause of death. According

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading at a very high rate all over the world. It is spreading threat among people. Coronavirus can cause serious respiratory disorders in people and can become the cause of death. According to Doctors and health experts, the only method to prevent yourself from this pandemic is to adopt preventive measures against it. Coronavirus pandemic is a serious threat to all human beings present in the world. We all have to adapt protective measures against coronavirus pandemic so that we can protect ourselves and our families. We all wear Mask to protect ourselves for corona virus now a days

let’s know a little about these masks

Type of Masks: 

Masks that can be used for the protection against coronavirus are of many types. These types are as follows: 

Surgical Mask 


Home-made cloth masks 

Surgical Masks: 

Surgical masks are the type of masks that are usually used during surgeries. These masks protect from fluids and small particles. 

These masks are effective during surgeries but has less efficient to protect against coronavirus.  

Surgical masks are usually loose masks that cover mouth, nose and chin. These masks protect the mouth and nose from sprays, fluid droplets 

It protects the wearer from infectious as well as contagious diseases.  

These masks have a rubber or elastic bands that can be looped behind your ears. 


Respirators are the type of protective masks that are used by doctors, specialists and health workers.  

These masks are of different types on the basis of characteristics and properties. 

Some have more filter efficiency. 

Some are dust resistant. 

Air-purifying respirators. 

N95, N99, N100 masks have different filter efficiency level. Their efficiency level increases as their number increases. N95 are not resistant to solid and liquids which contain oil. 

P95 respirators are resistant to oil droplets  

FFP1 are the dust masks which can prevent low levels of dusts. 

Respirators are used in the environments where oil droplets are abundant.  

Respirators should be worn in this way that the white side is facing towards mouth while the blue side of the respirator is facing away from the mouth. 

Home-made cloth masks: 

In the era of coronavirus pandemic where fear of infection is spread everywhere. Everybody should wear a mask to protect themselves from the risk of infection.  

Home-made cloth masks are useful for those people who are not suffering from coronavirus. This home-made cloth face mask fits the face of the wearer completely and reduces the chances of infection. 

Recommendations; When to Use: 

Use home-made cloth face masks in public areas where the risks of coronavirus infections are higher. 

Wear it while going outside. 

Don’t put cloth face masks on children under the age of 3. 

Don’t put cloth masks on the people with respiratory disorders or on the people who have difficulty in breathing. 

Health care agents and doctors should use respirators. 


Home-made cloth face masks are economically favorable to everyone. 

It can be made by anyone with a small piece of cloth and elastic bands. 

In this time where availability of face masks is extremely lowered, home-made cloth face masks are the best option. 

Home-made cloth face masks can reduce the risks of infection to common people and prevent them from the germs spread due to coughing sneezing and speaking. 

How to use Face Masks? 

Before using face masks, certain specific things should be kept in mind to keep yourself away from coronavirus. 

Before putting a mask on your face, remember to wash your hands with antiseptic soap or handwash and clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

Cover your nose, mouth and chin with the face mask and make sure that there is no gap in it.  

Don’t touch the middle surface of the mask with your hands. 

Put the mask on your face by rubber loops and take them behind your ears. Use these rubber loops while taking the mask off your face.  

Clean your hands thoroughly with alcohol-based sanitizer while taking the masks off. 

Replace the old mask with a new one as soon as it is damped to lower the risk of infection. 

Discard the masks immediately after use and wash your hands. 


A person suffering from coronavirus cannot use home-made cloth face masks.   

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